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Training, educational and real industry experience opportunities await the selected candidates. 



Q: Who can intern with Reelville Media Group?

A: Our internships are open to anyone enrolled in college who are able to receive college credit. 

Q: Do i have to live in Atlanta?

A: Negative, our podcasts are nationwide and so are our intern opportunities. It all depends on your specific internship

Q: How much do your internships pay?

A: Our internships are unpaid. You must be receiving college credit to intern with us. 

Q: What will I be doing while I'm interning?

A: Exact responsibilties depend on your internship. We have opportunities in videography, graphic design, writing, social media, and producing. 

Q: Which podcast will I be working with?

A: Depends on your interest. Pick from one of the opportunities and we'll assign you to a preferred show. We have sports, hip-hop, fashion and women interests. 

Q: How long do internships last?

A: Internships can vary in length but typically one semester or as defined by your college's internship guidelines. 


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